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ZTECH ENTERPRISES LLC ZTech Enterprises LLC is an IT hardware sales, asset & System Management company based out in US. It has presence in India & Singapore since 1998. zTech is doing whole sale import/export business by buying or selling all used, refurbished products on IT Component and Consumer Electronics related products globally. IT Component products range from laptops to servers and parts like drives, processors, memory, networking switches, printers, UPS, PC barebones etc. In consumer electronics products, we are doing all tablets, mobile devices and their accessories. zTech Enterprises is also based out in Singapore which is established in 1998 and our team members have been in computer industry more than 20 years. We offer various generations and grades of product so that our buyers can afford the right solution. We group items in the best batches for our buyers to get the best price and most affordable shipping.

Company Information

Business Type:
Number Of Employees: 6-10
Annual Turnover: 500,001 - 1,000,000
Joining as: Importers
Place Of Incorporation: USA
Year Established: 1998

Mak Mohin (Director)