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Trade leads of Memory

selling GRUPA ZIKOM SP. [Poland]  Selling:  DDR3 4GB LONGDIMM / SO-DIMMmember
selling EXPERT COMPANY [Romania]  Selling:  2000 x 8 gb ddr3 "L", dimm, f...member
selling ECOPORTATIL [Spain]  Selling:  1000x RAM 4GB PC3/PC3L BRAND N...member
selling PCPM GROUP LLC [USA]  Selling:  DDR3 2GB Laptop and Desktop RA...member
selling ECOPORTATIL [Spain]  Selling:  1000x RAM 8GB PC3/PC3L BRAND N...member
selling ALPHA ELECTRONI [China]  Buying:  ddr3,ddr4 memory modules
selling TIER ONE DISTRI [Netherlands]  Buying:  WDBU6Y0050BBK-WESNmember
selling TIER ONE DISTRI [Netherlands]  Buying:  Seagate STJL1000400member
selling AMOLI GROUP [Hong Kong]  Buying:  12TB HDD 3.5" SATA Exos X16 6G...member
selling ELEC DEVICE TEC [USA]  Buying:  Samsung memory: K4Z80325BC-HC1...