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Trade leads of Used Computers

selling LEDMAX ELECTRON [Romania] Selling:55pcs x Lenovo M710E sff i5 74...member
selling LEDMAX ELECTRON [Romania] Selling:180pcs x Lenovo M910Q Tiny i3 ...member
selling LEDMAX ELECTRON [Romania] Selling:220pcs x Lenovo M710Q Tiny i3 ...member
selling LEDMAX ELECTRON [Romania] Selling:160pcs x Dell 7070 sff i7 8700...member
selling LEDMAX ELECTRON [Romania] Selling:400pcs x Lenovo M900 Tiny i5 6...member
selling GRUPA ZIKOM SP. [Poland]  Buying:  Dell e6220 /e6230 /e7240member
selling MACKFAN Mateusz [Poland]  Buying:  MacBooks Pro, Air
selling GRUPA ZIKOM SP. [Poland]  Buying:  i5 4GEN up to 6GENmember
selling GRUPA ZIKOM SP. [Poland]  Buying:  Apple laptops 2016+ any specsmember
selling ALKHAT ALASWAD [U.A.E]  Buying:  Used Lapops and desktops